Virtual Reality and BIM

Step Into Your Reality

BIM software is offered as standard at Create Chartered Architects, and new virtual reality headsets bring your design to life.

At Create we’ve been using BIM – Building Information Modelling – for some time. These 3D models allow clients to ‘look around’ a proposed design and get a feel for a space in a way that isn’t possible with traditional 2D drawings. Now the technology has gone a step further: you can actually feel what it’s like to be right inside a building by wearing our Oculus Rift VR headset and getting a 360-degree view. It’s a bit like being inside a computer game, except that instead of entering a virtual world, you can take a walk around your future home.

This technology can save you money as any issues, such as inadequate lighting or incorrectly placed electrical sockets, can be identified at an early stage.

VR enables you to experience how the space might be furnished and lit, how ceiling height changes a room and how different areas flow. You can even mark up alterations in red with the Xbox controller, all in 3D. The implications for kitchen and bathroom design are huge and, of course, you can visualise materials for the floor and paint colours for the walls in any room.

Our 3D computer models are offered as standard. Spending money to improve your home is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make, so it makes sense to choose an architectural practice at the cutting edge of the latest technology.