April 26, 2019

Transform Your Conservatory

With Summer fast approaching, along with the desire to enjoy lighter evenings in your conservatory, why not transform yours into a valuable asset that works for the way you live.


The way we live has changed and what is desirable now is a connection between the house and its outside space. The typical 20th-century conservatory has double doors giving access to the garden, but a glazed wall that can totally open up provides a wonderful transitional space that works for our often unpredictable climate.


The combination of inspirational design and technological advances means there are so many exciting possibilities to upgrade your conservatory. The existing construction could be upgraded or replaced, resulting in a sunroom that blends solid and glazed elements with high insulation and controlled solar gain which can provide better levels of thermal comfort.


The existing uPVC framing structure could be removed and a pitched roof added – either a mono or a dual pitch. Alternatively you could put in a solid wall to replace a glazed wall, so that you can have a television, add electrical sockets and lighting – all of which are difficult to incorporate into a conservatory with a glazed roof and walls.


If you’re starting from the base you won’t necessarily need to redo the foundations, although they will have to be checked for stability.


Ricky Mahy, Director, at Create says,

'Updating or replacing your conservatory could transform your home, add value and realise the space that you - or the previous owners who installed it - were probably hoping to get in the first place.'


Create Chartered Architects have undertaken many renovation projects and have not only transformed homes but added value too. Mon Desir is a good example of a contemporary extension which enhances and complements the existing property, a 1950s bungalow.


Next-level possibilities include opening up entire corners, vaulted ceilings, even a mezzanine. Glazing technology has come a long way in recent years – you can have solar-control or self-cleaning glass – and you can incorporate electric roof lights with rain sensors.


Request a free consultation with Create, and transform your conservatory.