June 6, 2022

Fontaine Vinery Design - Planning Submission

Create is proud to be able to assist the Guernsey Housing Association in making a positive contribution to resolving the housing crisis on the island and look forward to seeing our designs come to fruition.


A detailed planning application for 91 new homes has been submitted by Guernsey Housing Association to the DPA for their consideration on the Fontaine vinery land, owned by the States.

These properties will be a mix of rent, and partial ownership targeted at aspiring first time buyers and homes for keyworkers needed to support the island's health service.

This development will help to start tackling the current pressing need to supply more new homes to the many people in the island requiring accommodation.

If planning permission can be obtained within the next 6 months then construction could start in spring 2023 with the first homes being completed by summer 2024.  The housing will be completed and occupied in phases. 

To try to reduce traffic and car dependency the design includes provision for a bus route through the development which allows buses to return to the east coast and onwards to St Peter Port or the Bridge.  There is also a new cycleway and footpath linking Le Murier through the site and onto Victoria Avenue and the Bowl.  The aim is to promote people cycling, walking and using the bus rather than cars, for the benefit of everyone.  We also aim to provide car sharing, with a private company, where the public can hire a car for a short period using an App, to save them having to buy a car and reduce the number of cars parked occupying valuable land.

The cycleway and footpath are in a green corridor running from Le Murier southwards towards Victoria Avenue.

The design is a mix of 2 storey houses with some 3 storey 1 bedroom apartments to give variation and make good use of the land.

The development aims to house single people, couples and some families with 50% of the homes being 1 bed apartments, 30% 2 bedroom houses, and 20% 3 bedroom houses, plus two 5 bed houses, as this reflects the waiting lists for rent and partial ownership.  Properties are all offered to local residents, many of whom may already be living in the Parish, but in overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation.

Steve Williams, Chief Executive at GHA said ‘After an extensive design process we are delighted that our architects Create have submitted the planning application, and we can make real progress towards meeting the housing needs of people in the island who cannot afford or find suitable accommodation’.