September 7, 2022

Ricky Mahy takes full control of Create

Create’s co-founder, Ricky Mahy, has taken full control of the business with immediate effect, following the amicable departure of business partner James Barker, who has now left the practice to explore new opportunities. 


The company was set up 18 years ago by the pair and has grown to become one of Guernsey’s leading chartered architectural and chartered surveying practices.


"It’s a new chapter, and I wish James every success moving forward," said Mr Mahy. "Our partnership was very much an equal one, but I am excited about the next stage and the opportunities that brings, driving Create forward at what is an important time for the business. Create will continue to look after its existing clients and work on the larger projects with our dedicated and friendly team. We will shortly be moving to new premises which will give us more space to do what we do best."


Create’s team uses the latest technology, embracing virtual reality and Building Information Modelling, not only in construction but also to help clients understand how a design will work in reality. Sustainability is also key.


"We are keen on optimising energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact, so this will always be at the forefront of our minds" said Mr Mahy.


Create has been entrusted with a number of high profile community projects on the island, including La Nouvelle Maraitaine, Le Grande Courtil, Cour du Parc, Parc Le Lacheur and Fontaine Vinery for the GHA, as well as a wide range of residential and commercial renovations and new builds.