Mon Desir 2

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Our clients approached up to provide a further extension to Mon Desir designed to provide a more spacious, light and airy inviting living room.

The extension provides direct access onto the terrace and garden area. The extension sits nicely and ties in well with the main house.

Does your home need extending? It could be replaced with something you’ll love.

In previous years we’ve worked with Create to extend our home as our needs have changed. This time round it was no different, our lounge area that had been perfectly suitable was becoming too small as our children married and grandchildren came along. We turned to Create again to help us come up with a design that would be comfortable for our day to day needs yet accommodate our family and friends whenever they visited. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the design that incorporated an outdoor decked area accessible through double doors into the extended lounge. Overall the thought and design, including an opened ceiling area giving height and a feeling of spaciousness has made a big difference to the way we use our family home. The team at Create once again were able to take away our aspirations and turn them into reality by creating a superb family area and outdoor space.